Computers are supposed to increase productivity ….

Every morning at about half-past ten my Mac pops up a window asking “Updates Available – do you want to install the updates now or try tonight?” I am busy trying to finish a review and I don’t want to consider installation before next Wednesday. Moreover, I don’t want distracting windows appearing on my computer when I am trying to focus on my work. Unfortunately, the only available options are ‘install, try in an hour, try tonight, remind me tomorrow’. There even isn’t a possibility to dismiss the window.

I tell a lie—I can log out or I can click on the window that popped up and wait until the App Store application loads just to quit it as soon as possible. After doing so, I usually can’t remember what I was up to when the window popped up.

Usually, notifications can be deactivated in the Notifications systems preferences pane – not so for software update notifications.

In the App Store system preferences pane, I can check off ‘automatically check for new updates’ and ‘Download newly available updates in the background,’ but I really like this feature. I really like it that my updates are there ready to install, should I want to.

So, I don’t want to disable automatic downloads, I only want not to be notified of things I already know at times I try to focus.

Yes, I am familiar with the ‘Do not disturb’ option in the Notifications systems preference pane, but that option also prevents notifications of things I do like to be notified about even when trying to focus.

So, please Apple, please, give us the opportunity to disable update notifications, or, at least, to defer them to a time we choose!

Thank you,