It is impossible to change or add location information in Photos

I really, really hate Apple’s policy of making Mac Apps compatible with iOS apps by removing the features lacking in the iOS variant. They did it with iTunes, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote and they did it again with iPhoto.

A few months ago, the Yosemite updater disabled iPhoto because it would be incompatible with the updated system. Apple does not provide a compatible update,1 so I had to move to the new Photos app. Photos replaces both iPhoto and Aperture and is supposed to “bring the Mac into the modern age of picture and video management, tying it into both the operating system and the cloud.”

I have seen raving reviews, but I cannot join the choir.

On the contrary, I am really mad.

One reason is that, in that modern age, it is not no longer possible to add or change the location information of a photo.2 My camera cannot add location information to my photos, and my new iPod Touch adds this information only occasionally and if it does it adds the location of the last wifi-connection rather than the location where I made the photo. So from now on I can no longer search for photos of a certain place. Thank you Apple!

Another reason is the removal of the named events feature. I can emulate named events with albums, but that means a lot of dragging and selecting – iPhoto was able to group photos by event automatically during import.

Did I say that I really, really hate this?

  1. In response to this rant, a reader pointed out that this is not true: iPhoto v9.6.1 runs on Yosemite. Although iPhoto doesn’t turn up when searching or browsing the Mac App Store, it can be downloaded from the ‘purchases’ tab if it was installed previously after deleting the incompatible version (v9.5 or earlier). Thanks very much for this useful information! (added 30 August 2015) 
  2. The same reader told me that the ability to add and edit locations will be added to the new version of Photos that comes with OS 10.1 (added 30 August 2015).