How to preview Ulysses’ sheets with Marked 2

Previewing Ulysses’ sheets with Marked 2 is not as easy as it should be, but it is not really complicated either. The first preview may require some work; subsequent previews can be done with two clicks.

To preview a sheet in Ulysses 2 with Marked 21 you need to send it to Marked 2 with Ulysses’ Quick Export:

  1. Open Quick Export with ⌘-6;2
  2. Set Quick Export to open a TextBundle in Marked 2 (see below);
  3. Hit return to get the preview.

Quick Export remembers the last setting. Hence, for subsequent previews you only need to hit ⌘-6 followed by return.

If the sheet is in an external folder (external to Ulysses) the preview is automatically updated when the sheet is saved in Ulysses. If the sheet is internal to Ulysses you have to send it to Marked again (hit ⌘-6 followed by return) to update the preview.

How to get Quick Export to send the sheet for preview to Marked:

  1. Open Ulysses’ Quick Export window (for example with ⌘-62). It opens in the upper right corner:

    Quick Export 1

  2. Find the document type popdown menu:

    Quick Export 2a

    and choose “Text”:

    Quick Export 2b

  3. Check the “TextBundle” format:

    Quick Export 3

  4. Find the blue button with the export type setting:

    Quick Export 4a

    Do not click on this button unless you see ‘Open in Marked 2’!

    To change this setting hit the TAB key on your keyboard. Do so until you see: ‘Open in [name of an application]’, for example ‘Open in BBEdit’:

    Quick Export 4c

    Open a popdown menu by clicking on the little triangle at the right part of the blue button and choose ‘Marked 2’. As a result a preview of the sheet opens in Marked.

  5. The next time you open Quick Export, it has remembered your choice:

    Quick Export 5

    Hit the return key to get the preview.

  1. The instructions in this post are based on the thread Does Marked work with Ulysses? in Marked’s discussion forum and my own experience with Ulysses 2.2.1 and Marked 2.5.1 on OS X Yosemite 10.5.1. 

  2. Other ways to open the Quick Export window: click on the ‘Quick Export’ symbol in the toolbar, choose Quick Export from Ulysses’ ‘Window’ menu or a sheet’s contextual menu. 

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