Circus Ponies died

I just discovered that Circus Ponies Software ceased to exist. Their Notebook programs are no longer available. Their site is reduced to a short note. Their users forum vanished.

This is bad news for all of us who rely on their eminent Notebook for outlining, note taking or note keeping. I myself have more than 10 years of notes in my notebooks. Notebook 4 currently works fine, but I fear that it will no longer do so after the next OS X upgrade. I will start looking for an alternative. If you use NoteBook, you may want to do so too.

You can find more information about Notebook and the way I use it on my tech tools page.


2 thoughts on “Circus Ponies died

  1. Arno Wouters Post author

    Some interesting discussions of Circus Ponies’ closure:
    * Circus Ponies Notebook May Be Dying (MacLitigator, 6 December 2015!)
    * Circus Ponies closes shop, gives its customers the finger (Welcome to Sherwood, 5 January 2016)
    * RIP, Circus Ponies Notebook (Daniel Wessel, Organizing Creativity, 8 January 2016)

    Adam Engst at TidBits started a helpful thread to collect information about alternatives: Vote for Your Favorite Mac Personal Information Manager

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