How to download pronunciation files with Safari.

Many dictionaries on the web provide pronunciations of the words they define. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could download those pronunciations for off-line practice? This post explains how you can do so using Safari’s Web Inspector.


To use Safari’s Web Inspector, you must first enable Safari’s Developer Tools in the ‘Advanced’ preferences pane:

  • open ‘Preferences’ in the Safari menu (or press cmd-,)
  • select the ‘Advanced’ pane and
  • check ‘Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar’)

Safari's Advanced Preference Pane

This adds a ‘Develop’ menu to the Safari menu balk.

How to download audio pronunciations

1) Find a page with audio pronunciation.

As an example, I use the pronunciation of “periodontites” from Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

Initial screen

2) Open the Web Inspector

Select ‘Show Web Inspector’ from the ‘Develop’ menu or press opt-cmd-I

Show the web inspector

3) In the Web Inspector: select the ‘Network’ tab and view ‘Other’

In the web inspector select the network tab and view other

4) Go back to the dictionary window

Click that window or press cmd-~

5) Trigger the pronunciation

Click on the audio icon (the little speaker)

Trigger the pronunciation

Safari will load and play the pronunciation.

6) Back to the Inspector

Click the Web Inspector window or press cmd-~.

Back to the inspector

See the pronunciation files?

7) Open one of the pronunciation files in a new tab

Ctrl-click on the name and select ‘open in new tab’

Open one of the sound files in a new tab

8) Switch to the newly opened tab with the audio controls

Click that tab or press ctrl-~

9) Download the sound file

Ctrl-click the speaker control and select ‘Download Video”

Download the sound file

10) Happy learning!

Some dictionaries with audio files that can be downloaded in this way

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