It is impossible to change or add location information in Photos

I really, really hate Apple’s policy of making Mac Apps compatible with iOS apps by removing the features lacking in the iOS variant. They did it with iTunes, Numbers, Pages, and Keynote and they did it again with iPhoto.

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Computers are supposed to increase productivity ….

Every morning at about half-past ten my Mac pops up a window asking “Updates Available – do you want to install the updates now or try tonight?” I am busy trying to finish a review and I don’t want to consider installation before next Wednesday. Moreover, I don’t want distracting windows appearing on my computer when I am trying to focus on my work. Unfortunately, the only available options are ‘install, try in an hour, try tonight, remind me tomorrow’. There even isn’t a possibility to dismiss the window.

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Pasting without styles using cmd-V

Most OS X programs offer two options to paste text: ‘Paste’ (cmd-V) and ‘Paste and Match Style’ (opt-shift-cmd-V). By default ‘Paste’ pastes with styles, whereas ‘Paste and Match Styles’ pastes unformatted text. I usually prefer to paste without styles and pressing opt-shift-cmd-V is not that easy. So, I have been looking for ways to change cmd-V to paste without styles.

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