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Importing Circus Ponies notes into Outline

A few days ago, Gorillized announced a utility to import Circus Ponies notes into their Outline. When you join the “waitlist” for this utility, you are offered the opportunity to inform the developer about the Notebook features that are most important to you1 and you will be notified when the import utility appears. They also offer a 30% discount off the usual price ($40) for Outline for Mac. The iPad version costs $10. Both versions support Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, ​and Box. I have no experience with Outline,2 but I will surely try the free trial (14 days) ​when the time comes.

  1. see my Looking for a Notebook replacement for a list of my favorite features. 
  2. My pinboard bookmarks for Outline

Looking for a Notebook replacement

As noted in a previous post, Circus Ponies ceased to exist and its Notebook runs the risk of dying with the next OS X update. I have more than 10 years of notes in my notebooks and am looking for an alternative.

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